Our dedicated, fully licensed team of security professionals are ready to implement security solutions to meet your unique requirements. We take the time to properly listen and consult with our clients instead of trying to enforce a "one size fits all" approach. This way of thinking underpins everything we do, as we believe in putting our clients first.

Event Security

We provide friendly, smart and professional SIA licensed security guards for event security in London. Each event will present its own set of challenges and concerns for the event organiser, however have no fear as our staff are fully trained in every aspect of health and safety, customer service, crowd control and conflict management. Our stringent recruitment process ensures that we only employ security guards who can think on their feet and swiftly deal with any unexpected issues.


Doormen act as an excellent deterrent against unruly behaviour. Doormen are also an effective way to control and monitor who enters a premises. Our doormen ensure the safety of the building by checking staff IDs at both entry and exit points, ensuring all staff are escorted through the building where applicable.

CCTV Monitoring

Remote monitoring is when a control centre is connected to a site’s security or building control systems. Our skilled operators at the control centre then monitor activity at the site to prevent any unwanted behaviour, intruders, security breaches, fires or other forms of property damage.

Close Protection

Unfortunately global events and the world wide economy has created a catalyst for terrorism, radicalism and criminal gang activity. Our professional bodyguards are watchful and observant at all times. They have been trained to study and analyse suspicious behaviour to provide you with the utmost protection against theft, assault and kidnap. You'll be in safe hands with us.

Aviation security

Unsurprisingly airports require the highest level of professional security. Elijah Logistics understand that ongoing training is the only way to meet the strict standards required by airlines, airport authorities and the Department of Transport. Our staff are experienced in setting SLAs to provide a platform for open book accounting, delivering transparent training records critical to aviation security, understanding all major insurance procedures, as well as x-ray processing of baggage aircraft patrols, passport / visa checks and aircraft checking.

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Elijah Logistics works with companies ranging from local, small businesses to multinational large corporations. Regardless of size, we guarantee that each of our clients feel valued and trusts that we’ll always provide exceptional support.

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