Elijah Logistics offers comprehensive concierge services. All out staff are trained to the highest of levels ensuring they are  friendly and have a pleasant demeanour  the ability to multitask and network, excellent communication and problem solving skills, outstanding customer service and organisational abilities, leadership, patience, and extensive knowledge of the area in which they work.

Since the concierge is the first individual encountered when a guest and/or resident enters the building, it is their duty to respond in an appropriate manner to those who enter. Essentially, our concierge monitors who enters and exits the building, and thus assumes the role of a guard. Each establishment will have different policies and procedures regarding who enters the building and how much freedom or access they have within the building. Elijah Logistics can adapt and personalise our services to suit each individuals needs. The concierge should watch for suspicious activity as well as any specific individuals prohibited from entering the building. Some concierge professionals may be equipped with telecommunication devices so that open communication can be established with other employees during hazardous or dangerous situations. Building access and security duties performed by the concierge provide safety and security to the occupants.

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